Resources and Products:


Use the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database to check hazard rating of skin care products 

Here's an example of a product commonly recommended by dermatologists containing SEVERAL IRRITANTS for those with sensitive skin: "Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths


Thich-Nhat Han wrote a great book about how to enjoy food, respect where it comes from and sharing it with others in his book "How to Eat-Mindful Essentials"

Omega Juicer - This juicer is the best way to preserve all of the nutrients because it uses a slow speed auger to munch the veggies and fruit. The other type of high speed juicers spin so fast that they heat up and kill most of the living enzymes. 

Vitamix 5300 Blender (Black) Smoothie Maker - Smoothies are one of the best ways to incorporate many skin-healing ingredients into your daily routine.   


The Zen Guy recommends getting YOGA FOR SKIN PROPS at Hugger Mugger, i.e. one of each: Yoga Mat, Yoga Strap, Yoga Foam Block, Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blanket, Relaxation Eye Bag

Yoga Nidra recording

The Sleep Muse's "Sleep Well Tonight' recording


The Zen Guy is currently formulating his own skincare product line for sensitive skin. Stay Tuned! In the meantime check out ‘by valenti’.

By Valenti Organics. Luxurious. Exotic. All Natural Skincare.

WASHING HANDS & BODY - chamomile - bar soap contains skin-calming chamomile and it's superfatted with coconut, olive and almond oil

FACIAL CLEANSING - bulgarian lavender & mandarin facial foaming cleanser has several oils supporting sensitive skin

FACIAL MOISTURIZING - moroccan argan & rosa mosqueta balancing facial oil contains organic Moroccan Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Olive Squalane, Pomegranate and CoQ10 to nourish and protect sensitive skin

HAND MOISTURIZING - carrot, grapefruit & egyptian geranium rose, hand & body lotion is a rich lotion containing carrot and rose which calm sensitive skin

Note: I do not receive commission on any of the above items.