OFFICE YOGA - Yoga Poses that Work at Work

I started my yoga teaching career in the corporate offices where I was already working in internal audit departments. My coworkers sitting at desks in front of computers all day really needed yoga to de-stress during the work day. They didn't have much time to spend on yoga during the day and they weren't very comfortable finding a yoga studio on their own after work so I offered 30-minute sessions in conference rooms for years. They'd say they felt both more relaxed at work and were able to focus more easily and be more productive on days we had yoga class.

Here's Michael teaching a " Yoga for Office Professionals " class at a bank in downtown Seattle.

Here's Michael teaching a "Yoga for Office Professionals" class at a bank in downtown Seattle.

I designed the Yoga for Office Professionals book and apps for busy professionals looking to become more relaxed, productive and efficient at work. There are descriptions and photographs of 20 yoga positions to perform while sitting in a chair and 10 yoga positions to perform standing up.  These basic yoga positions are easy-to-follow for anyone who works at a desk, whether you are new to yoga or attend yoga classes regularly. Each of the 30 yoga positions has step-by-step written instructions and at least one photo of the author demonstrating the pose. The iTunes enhanced book and the iPhone app version (not the Amazon version) also contain 30 audio tracks, one for each pose, as well as video clips for 18 of the poses.


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