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Showing off the REAL Paris!

Since you’ve likely already seen the big monuments, famous museums and were awed by the architectural beauty that defines Paris, get ready to engage with the city on a smaller, more authentic scale and to enjoy some of the finest chocolate in the world. At Paris Chocolate Guru, our focus is on tasting chocolate while enjoying the city’s ambience and walking the Paris neighborhoods (les quartiers) where local Parisians actually live. History Buffs…you’ll have to settle with award-winning chocolate on our walks because fascinating facts from the past are not on the agenda.

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Sharing the food-of-the-gods with you!

We guarantee that you will leave your walk with an appreciation of French chocolate. It might not actually be the most chocolate you’ve ever eaten in one period, but because everything we taste is of very high quality you’ll leave satisfied. Some walks provide more chocolate samples than others so be sure to read tour descriptions but count on two-four samples per shop.

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Visiting Artisanal Chocolate Shops

Our founder, Michael, is a passionate seeker of fine French chocolate. In 2011, he created a map with the top 25 places for chocolate in Paris. Since then he’s shown chocophiles, the best the city has to offer. Michael includes smaller, lesser-known chocolate artisans who make award winning chocolate along with the big chocolatiers that usually get all the press.

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