Hi everyone,

The Zen Guy is Michael Huffman. I'm just a regular guy who's super excited about caring for sensitive skin. I've had eczema my whole life and over seventeen years I've adjusted my life style to be clear of eczema. I learned many things along the way and wanted to share these with other people who also have skin issues. I figured out through lots of trail and error that: topical steroid creams do more harm than good and that there's no simple cream to apply that will reduce skin inflammation in the long term UNLESS other changes are made as well. My Zen Skin Care Philosophy consists of:

  • Avoiding irritants in conventional skin care products
  • Soothing the digestive system,
  • Calming the nervous system, and
  • Nourishing the skin externally

This blog will present solutions I've found to clear atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. I'm on a life long quest to learn about products and methods around the world that people use to heal skin. I'm currently living in Paris TEACHING YOGA FOR SKIN CLASSES and will share secrets in a city well-known for high quality skin care products and places where facials are an art form.

Ah, but which products and spas cater to the needs of those with sensitive skin? Soon we'll find out!