An Afternoon with Coral Clark - Paris Natural MakeUp Artist

Shortly after I stumbled across Coral's solution for dry, irritated facial skin on her blog post "TENSE YOUR SKIN BY USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS", a mutual friend insisted we meet. When two people who are passionate about eating-right-for-skin-health decide to meet for lunch in Paris, one must choose wisely! There are now several healthy spots for lunch in Paris, but I hadn't been to SEASON in the haut Marais before. Coral suggested it when I proposed we meet at a sit down juice bar. As far as SEASON goes, the AÇaÍ bowl with banana, açaÍ pulp, cocoa powder and omega-3 rich toppings of hemp, flax and pumpkin seeds hit the spot for both of us and it fueled our conversation about how to take care of skin naturally. 

It became obvious that her parents had been journalists once she turned on her video camera and started to interview me about The Zen Skin Philosophy. Since we'd never met before it was amazing we spent the next seven hours talking about skin, current trends in makeup (pancake-like style) and her experiences being the makeup artist for the Cannes Film Festival and famous folks.

After lunch we went to a natural skin care product store in the Marais called Mademoiselle Bio to research makeup and non-synthetic solutions for healthy skin. I was glad to know that she too is a big fan of Dr. Hauschka's product philosophy because after my facial at their Paris spa last year I've been religiously using Dr. H's cleansing cream two times a day because my skin responds well to this oil cleansing method that keeps my over-50 facial skin naturally moisturized all day long. 

As a man who's never worn makeup, I was struck by how Coral described that she can visibly see a transformation in her client's self-esteem as the makeup session ensues. This is the key to her job satisfaction by assisting others realize their full potential where she tries to enhance their natural beauty and "to make them glow" (as opposed to covering up their personality in a popular Geisha-face style...Ok, that's my own description as a makeup novice).

I pondered for a moment whether some women had sensitive skin issues BECAUSE OF the harsh thick makeup they were using to be trendy. Next, I wondered how many women who have visibly sensitive skin problems on their face use makeup just to try to cover up the problems. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? As a man, it seemed like a double-edge sword and I hope one day that women use a more natural approach to makeup as Coral promotes, especially as over 60% of lipstick still contains the neurotoxin LEAD!

Another thing that impressed me was Coral's belief that modern women can benefit by using what she refers to as a 'makeup ritual’. She said that in prior decades, women would sit down in front of three mirrors at a dressing table with crystal jars and silver-plated lids full of makeup, creams and hair products. There was somehow enough time to get ready while creating a personal sacred ritual around it as well. She's writing a book about how women can create their own ritual using centering breath work and creating their own personal space for doing their makeup. Cleaning our faces and brushing our teeth is a daily ritual (hopefully you're with me on that) so a makeup ceremony seems like a great concept to me.