Balinese Skin Healing & Yoga Retreat - March 10 to 13, 2018

Balinese life is full of traditional rituals, daily offerings, temple ceremonies and jamu (traditional Balinese medicine). Bali is probably the best place on the planet to learn about traditional rituals to care for sensitive skin. I've been going to Bali at least once a year since 2008 and have discovered the many traditions and practitioners that support healthy skin; yes they're tucked away from the tourist crowds.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance in Bali and these will help support our skin via detoxification. The warm climate facilitates doing yoga in fresh tropical breezes which also help the skin detox through gentle sweating. The ancient sacred temples and waterfalls will purify our skin, heart and minds. We'll participate in an ancient fire ceremony led by Balinese Hindu priests to release negative emotional patterns that no longer serve us.

There will be daily Yoga for Skin classes, workshops to learn to make our own skin care products to nourish our dry or inflamed skin, as well as a facial and massage using pure local products specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin.