Chocolate fruit in BALI!

Where does French chocolate come from on our Paris Chocolate walks and tasting experiences?

It starts in a bean (une fève de cacao) and ends in a bar (une tablette du chocolat). Or possibly the French chocolate chef could create it into a bonbon (i.e. a ganache or praliné filled candy)...we taste MOSTLY bonbons on the walks and tasting tours.

The chocolate fruit itself is a cacao pod and it looks like a brightly colored football when ripe containing cacao beans, i.e. seeds, covered in a white fleshy fruit. 

In January 2018 I was in small village in the mountains of Bali, so harvested a fruit on MY JUNGLE TREK and got to eat the seeds THANKS to the GUIDE AND HIS MACHETE. 

All around the cacao bean was the white pulp which tasted like a mix between strawberry, pineapple and banana and very sweet. Chewing the bitter cacao bean along with the chocolate fruit was a cacophony of flavors of tropical fruit, the chocolate taste we all love and earthy. YUMMY!

The French chocolate chefs tell their FARMERS HOW LONG TO FERMENT THE CACAO BEANS because that changes the flavor of fine French chocolate.