Balinese Skin Healing & Yoga Retreat


3-Day Balinese Skin Healing & Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

March 10 - 13, 2018

$399 USD ($499 AUD)/person*:

Make your sensitive skin beautiful. Learn Balinese skin care remedies, traditional Balinese spiritual rituals and how to build the Zen Skin Care philosophy in your own daily life.

On this four-day/three-night retreat in skincare paradise, we will celebrate our own personal connection with and our ability to transform our skin's health. 

  • Daily - Yoga class to learn the YOGA FOR SKIN series

  • Daily - Pranayama 'ancient breathing techniques' to calm the nervous system

  • Learn which cosmetic ingredients found in conventional skincare products to avoid

  • Yoga Nidra sessions

  • Skin Care Product Workshop # 1 - Make your own natural skin care products for sensitive skin

  • Ancient Balinese fire purification ritual with Balinese priests to cleanse negative energy

  • Includes one day Juice Detox

  • Skin Care Product Workshop # 2- Visit a local Balinese artisanal workshop and spa to learn to make all-natural skin care products for sensitive skin.

  • A Balinese facial using skincare products you made at spa's workshop

  • Learn to make Balinese offering

  • Balinese waterfall healing ritual

  • Includes a sample of pure Australian crocodile oil for dermatitis flare ups

  • Yoga at 11th century Hindu temple

  • Skin Care Product Workshop # 3 - Learn to identify skin-healing tropical herbs on garden walk then make our own traditional Balinese healing skin care products that may include any of the following: red, yellow and giant ginger, coffee, cacao, coconut, white/red turmeric, giant aloe, moringa, pandan leaf, jasmine

  • Learn to make jamu beverage from native Indonesian healing plants like skin-healing fresh turmeric root

  • Balinese Shiva temple for fountain purification ritual

  • One foot and body massage treatment in a popular Balinese spa using only pure organic coconut oil

  • Daily - Anti-oxidant rosella tea to help detoxify the liver and nourish the skin

  • Balinese cultural immersion activities: Balinese temple visits, Balinese flower offering, etc.

  • Learn the connection between skin and astrology from an American, Bali-based Astrologer

  • Cooking class of healthy vegetarian food at organic Coffee and Chocolate plantation in the mountains

  • *$399 USD ($499 AUD) Includes: All activities and Balinese ceremonies above, Transportation between Ubud and the activities (not any airport transfers to Ubud), Meals (including one-day fresh raw juice detox cleanse), alkaline water, Anti-oxidant rosella tea, yoga prop rental, sarong for ceremonies, journal, daily yoga and pranyama classes.

  • PLUS LODGING (if needed and if available this is NOT INCLUDED) $180 total for 3 nights

  • Starting at 6 pm March 10 (possible to start at 7:30 a.m. March 11 if needed) through 6 p.m. March 13

  • To reserve the retreat portion, TZG will send you an email with a PayPal request for $125/per person to reserve. The remaining balance ($274 USD) will be due on March 8, 2018.