Michael Huffman is an author, yoga instructor and blogger for the sensitive skin community.

He's on a mission to share with others what's he's done to clear and maintain his own eczema-prone skin.

Having red, itchy skin most of his life was frustrating and disheartening. He eventually learned that any long-term solution wasn't as simple as choosing the right skin care product or avoiding specific foods; it was that and more.

He discovered that his skin issues revolved around the state of his nervous system and that specific yoga postures, pranayama breathing techniques and meditation were critical to healing and feeling good about his skin. Once the nerves running through his skin were addressed, he realized the role of other key factors such as: avoiding irritating skin care product ingredients, eating skin-healing foods and using gentle skin care products to naturally nourish the  skin.

He was so excited about his healthy skin lifestyle he wanted to share it with others who were also looking for a holistic approach. In that vain, he wrote the book ZEN SKIN CARE  and also teaches others how to take care of their skin via yoga, breath-work and making/finding the best skin care products available for sensitive skin.  

His series of twenty (20) YOGA poses that are specifically designed for skin can be found in his on-line course YOGA FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN that contains photos, audio and written instructions to do these at home. He's also studied how to make healing, all-natural skin care products from traditional healers in Bali, Indonesia and from sensitive skin experts in Paris.

The only thing Michael likes more than finding solutions for having beautiful skin is sharing this passion with others in his book, his on-line course and his classes. If finally having healthy skin is on your bucket list, than you've come to the right place.

Contact Michael directly and share your own skin story.