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Paris Chocolate Guru is passionate about introducing Paris' best chocolate to chocophiles. Founded by Michael Huffman in 2011, guests will experience firsthand a variety of chocolate-based walks and activities that showcase the authentic side of the city, i.e. the Paris neighborhoods (les quartiers) where local Parisians actually live.

Our chocolate ‘experiences’ are handcrafted and unique, just like the artisanal chocolate tasted during each activity. Guests will enjoy a non-touristy approach that brings Paris’ uniqueness to life and takes to heart the spirit of ‘living-like-a-local'.

On all of our Paris-based tasting experiences guests learn what makes French chocolate special, how it’s made and the vocabulary that professionals use to identify and describe unique flavor profiles inherent to fine, single-origin chocolate. It’s a fun and simple method that substantially enhances the participant’s appreciation of fine chocolate! Most importantly you learn how the French etiquette and vocabulary needed to purchase Paris chocolate.

Michael Huffman - Chief Chocolate Instructor

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