Office Yoga


Tia Y. – Seattle, WA (Live Corporate Class): ”That was absolutely excellent!  There was only one pose I was unable to do due to my sciatica issue, but I did all of them…so happy you had such a great turn out…I suspect next Friday will be even bigger!

Laura L. – Seattle, WA (Live Corporate Class): ”That was great!!!  Thanks for the class!

Jenny L. – Seattle, WA (Live Corporate Class): “I feel so good after doing your yoga class in the Board Room!”

May X. – Seattle, WA (Live Corporate Class): “Thank you, the Zen Guy, for making this possible in the office! Enjoy it very much.”

Elsie C. – Seattle, WA (Live Corporate Class): “Thank you so much Michael to bring a healthier life to us!

Marlene M – Southington, CT: ”I take chair yoga classes twice a week and enjoy it. I use your app the other days, it’s great for my neck & shoulders. Thank you”

Who is this for?

Busy, business and I.T. types who spend most of the workday sitting at desk in front of a computer in corporate offices, cubes or home offices. You’ve heard yoga is ‘good for you’ (like bran cereal) but you’re not into woo woo. With a little coaxing you’d be willing to spend 15 minutes a day on a few poses that can make you more relaxed and productive while working.

What problems can this help with?

Low back discomfort, tingly forearms and low energy can result from not engaging the proper muscle groups on a regular basis. Yoga poses done at work can help boost your concentration, productivity and effectiveness by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system.

Do these really work?

These poses were designed by me – a guy who spent 20 years in corporate cubes at companies like Intel, Microsoft, HJ Heinz, Kroger & Deloitte and knows your pain. I formalized these yoga instructions based on years of using these poses at my own desk to stay focused and relaxed at work and through teaching other office professionals as a Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified yoga teacher.

You’ll probably find that you experience the following benefits when you use Office Yoga:

  • Increased ability to focus and concentrate
  • Boost of productivity and effectiveness
  • Less carpal tunnel ‘tingling’
  • More flexibility in your spine for lower back & neck comfort
  • Better posture and a reduction of pain from stressed and tight muscles

Yoga works because…

  1. The techniques are a combination of breathing in a specific rhythm while stretching skeletal muscle groups.
  2. This activates the ‘relaxation response’, technically called the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which gets all out of whack when under chronic stress.
  3. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is famous for it’s ‘flight or fight’ response that tenses muscles, increases heart rates and results in shallow breathing.
  4. Yoga basically flips the nervous system from its stressed mode into the relaxation mode.

What’s included?

Office for Yoga Professionals is available in a range of formats. With all formats, you’ll get:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for students new to yoga
  • Short & convenient lessons: do 1 or 2 every hour or several on a lunch break
  • Instructional materials using a combination of text (step-by-step written instructions) and black & white photos of me demonstrating the pose. Additionally, both the Apple enhanced iBook and iPhone app have audio recordings of me reading the texts as well as video clips for 18 of the poses.

Each guide contains 30 easy-to-follow yoga poses including:

  • 20 sitting at your desk and 10 to do standing up.
  • Each yoga pose has step-by-step written instructions and at least one photo of me demonstrating each pose.
  • Apple-based formats (iPhone app & Enhanced iBook) also contain 30 audio files of each pose and there are video clips for 18 of the poses – it’s like having a private yoga lesson at work.

Get Office Yoga Now…

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Complete Apple iBook Enhanced version (with audio & video)This is the full, complete version of ‘Yoga for Office Professionals’ in Apple’s iBook format with text descriptions, photos of each pose and it is also enhanced with 30 audio tracks, one for each pose, and video clips for 18 of the poses.$0.99
Yoga for Office Professionals (Enhanced Version) - Michael Huffman
Apple iPhone App versionThis iPhone app is the portable version you can listen to anywhere and contains the photos, written & audio instructions for each of the 30 poses in this series as well as video clips of 18 of the poses. $0.99
Yoga for Office Professionals App - Michael Huffman