Airplane Yoga


Chris Guillebeau – Author: “The $100 Startup”‘I’m a pretty low-tech guy when it comes to yoga, but I appreciate this Airplane Yoga iPhone app regardless’.

Who is this for?

In a nutshell, it’s for road warrior business travelers who spend a lot of time on an airplane. You’re either indifferent to air travel, you like it or you don’t like spending time away from home. Either way, you probably find it uncomfortable, stressful and not conducive to being at your best when you land. Airplane Yoga can help with all of that.

What problems can this help with?

You’re up late packing the night before wondering if you forgot anything mission critical. You wonder if you could add anything to your carry-on bag to make your trip more relaxing & Zen. You wish there was a less anxiety-inducing way to approach the security checkpoint & get a full-body scan. You wish there was some way to make airplane seats more comfortable for your niggling low back pain.

Do these really work?

These poses were designed by me – a guy who spent 20 years as a road warrior and knows the rush, the routine and stress associated with frequent flying. I formalized these yoga instructions based on years of using these yoga poses, breathing exercises and Zen-like Air Travel Checklists to reduce air-travel stress. In 2009 I also became a certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).

You’ll probably find that you experience the following benefits when you use Airplane Yoga:

  • A feeling of being more prepared and relaxed, with my suggestions of what to do 24 hours ahead of the flight and a packing list of critical Zen-like items to have in your carry-on bag.
  • Less anxious about airport lines, security scans and the flight itself with recommended exercises to keep your anxiety to a minimum.
  • A more comfortable, less painful flight with a trick to make the airplane seats more comfortable for your low back.

Yoga works because…

  1. On an airplane, yoga can help ‘undo’ the fatigue from sitting in one position for an extended period of time and help reduce the anxiety associated with air travel.
  2. Yoga techniques are a combination of breathing in a specific rhythm while stretching skeletal muscle groups.
  3. This activates the ‘relaxation response’, technically called the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which gets all out of whack when under chronic stress.
  4. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is famous for it’s ‘flight or fight’ response that tenses muscles, increases heart rates and results in shallow breathing.
  5. Yoga basically flips the nervous system from its stressed mode into the relaxation mode.

What’s included?

Airplane Yoga is available in a range of formats. With all formats, you’ll get:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for students new to yoga. They’re also available to experienced yoga folks who want to know poses they can do on a plane.
  • Instructional materials use a combination of text (step-by-step written instructions) and 3-D images of a model in an airplane seat demonstrating the pose. Additionally, in the Apple iPhone App and Enhanced iBook formats,  there is a bonus of sorts that contains audio recordings of me reading the texts as well as video clips for 13 of the poses.
  • Six checklists containing ‘Strategies for Zen-Like Air Travel’ which include:
    • Planning tips to do 24-hours in advance of the flight
    • Packing list ‘essential items’ for the carry-on bag
    • Breathing exercises to do on the way to the airport
    • Pre-check-in & post-security line suggestions to stay calm
    • Boarding Gate yoga poses
    • Tips to boost comfort on board the plane in seats that were build for safety, not comfort

Each guide contains:

  • 24 easy-to-follow yoga poses to do on the airplane: 18 seated and 6 standing up.
  • Each yoga pose has step-by-step written instructions and at least one 3-D image demonstrating each pose.
  • The Apple-based formats (iPhone app & Enhanced iBook) also contain an audio file of me reading the instructions for each pose as well as 13 video clips of the poses, it’s like having a private yoga lesson on the plane.

Available in multiple e-book and Apple application formats.

Get Airplane Yoga Now…

Amazon Kindle version
This is the full, complete version of ‘Airplane Yoga’ in Amazon Kindle’s format with text descriptions and 3-D images of each pose.$2.99
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Complete Barnes & Noble’s NOOK versionThis is the full, complete version of ‘Airplane Yoga’ in Barnes & Noble’s NOOK format with text descriptions and photos of each pose.$0.99

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Complete Apple iBook Enhanced version (with audio & video)This is the full, complete version of ‘Airplane Yoga’ in Apple’s iBook format with text descriptions and 3-D images of each pose and it is enhanced with 24 audio tracks one for each pose and 13 video clips of selected poses.$0.99
Airplane Yoga (Enhanced Version) - Michael Huffman
Apple iPhone App versionThis iPhone app is the portable version you can listen to anywhere and contains the 3-D images and both written & audio instructions for each of the 18 Seated and 6 Standing poses in this series. The 6 checklists ‘Strategies for Zen-Like Air Travel’ are included. Comes in ‘free mini’, or the complete version. $0.99
Airplane Yoga - Michael Huffman