Yoga for Office Professionals – Non-Woo Woo Yoga Poses at Work

Chill out at work. Focus on what YOU need. Breathe. Move.

It’s a given, you’re always busy and always glued to a computer. You’re working for a living, definitely necessary I agree but it’s not always great for your health, your body or your mind.

Be open though to the many benefits from focused breath work and stretching muscles and you’ll find you can concentrate better and be more effective.

The 20 seated and 10 standing yoga poses are easy-to-follow and engage the parasympathetic nervous system – the side which is responsible for rest and relaxation so the opposite of the fight or flight side – which means you can be more relaxed and productive at work. Buy Now and find out more here >>>

Airplane Yoga

Airplane YogaRoad warriors rejoice. Reduce ‘security-line anxiety’. Relax at 30,000 feet.

Reduce the stress from enhanced airport security measures. Support and stretch your back in airplane seats designed for safety, not comfort.

Chill out with boarding gate stretches and 24 different yoga poses to do on an airplane designed for frequent fliers like you.

Includes three bonus checklists for Zen-like air travel: 24-hours ahead planning tips, carry-on bag essential items, and relaxation tips en-route to and at the airport. Buy now and find out more here >>>