At The Zen Guy, our goal is to help you bring Zen moments into your everyday life, quickly and easily. That means yoga instructions that are accessible to business people in the office and on an airplane, whether it’s in a face-to-face class in Seattle or via a high-tech app or e-book.

You too can achieve all of the benefits of yoga, without any ‘woo woo’.

Who are The Zen Guy Instructors?


I’m both a registered yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance – RYT 200) and a corporate cube dweller since 1986. I recognized that working at a desk in front of a computer tightens shoulders, shortens hamstring muscles and worsens posture, so in 2008 I went to a yoga teacher-training program at 8 Limbs to do something about it.

I straddle both worlds. I work in a cube and I teach yoga; so I know where you are coming from. My mission is to create Zen-like yoga instructions accessible to everyone who spends their workday in front of a computer.

I’ve been a yoga student of the Iyengar and Hatha Vinyasa Flow methods since 2000. I’m currently enrolled in a 500-hour yoga teacher-training program, I work as an internal auditor and I also teach corporate office yoga classes. On weekends and evenings I give personal yoga instruction, so I’m heavily engaged in both the corporate work environment and the yoga community.

The methodology I developed is specifically for business people who don’t know what to think of yoga. Medical science may prove that yoga is very effective, but that doesn’t mean business people want to go to a yoga studio. What I teach is accessible to everyone, it’s not touchy-feely; I just want you to get the yoga benefits by incorporating basic poses into your daily routine or during your next flight.

I’ve had plenty of years traveling as a road warrior with the Kroger Co., H.J. Heinz, Deloitte, Intel and Redbox-Coinstar-Outerwall to develop an Airplane Yoga series as well because honestly, flying is not good for anyone’s body.



Alex Baker currently teaches Office Yoga for corporate & law offices in Seattle and several yoga studios.

Alex began practicing Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi in a friend’s back yard over thirteen years ago. Her love for yoga has only kept growing, she finds that the joy and humility that she experiences on the mat to be an invaluable asset when off the mat and out in the world. Not only has yoga helped Alex increase her physical strength and flexibility it has helped her enhance her emotional and spiritual self. Yoga has prepared Alex to weather life’s storms with grace and a compassionate heart.

As a teacher Alex provides a supportive and encouraging environment. Her students learn how to move their body with greater awareness, cultivating stability while increasing strength and flexibility. In addition to the physical (asana) practice Alex teaches her students how to connect deeper to their breath through pranayamas (breathing techniques) and visualizations, promoting a relaxed mind while decreasing stress.  During her classes she enjoys weaving in insights from the Yoga Sutras as well as information from the science of Ayurvedic Medicine. Alex has found that these ancient teachings are means to help practitioners function optimally and holistically within the cycles of the seasons.

Alex is a 2009 graduate from the nationally-accredited 8 Limbs 200 hour Teacher Training Program of Seattle, WA. She is presently registered in the 8 Limbs 500 hr. Teacher Training program, with the emphasis on deepening her studies in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.

When Alex is not practicing or teaching yoga, she enjoys traveling the world with her beloved husband, going hiking with their dogs Sweetie & Pops, and spending relaxing afternoons in her hammock with a good book.


We hope you enjoy the series and we hope it can bring some well-deserved body-mind awareness to your work day.