THE ZEN GUY BELIEVES everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age, fitness level and body type. During his twenty-five year tenure in corporate America he became a yoga teacher and taught yoga in the board rooms of companies and banks in Seattle to people who spent hours a day working at desks.

Yoga takes us out of our heads and into our bodies using breath. Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles. This engages our parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the mind and body.

It’s not just for young fit people looking for a good aerobic workout. It’s not only for women who, as designed by nature, are more flexible than men. It’s for everyone that sits at a desk, that travels frequently and it’s for men who are typically strong but not flexible.

The Zen Guy offers:

  • Yoga For Office Professionals
  • Airplane Yoga For Travelers
  • Yoga for Stiff Guys (Coming Soon)
  • Hotel Yoga For Travelers (Coming Soon)


Praise for THE ZEN GUY Yoga Apps

Featured in FANTASTIC MAN, a European Men’s Fashion Magazine  ‘ZEN Journeys with an APP’

Featured in The Huffington Post ’10 Yoga Apps For Stress Outside the Studio‘.

Featured in the ‘Desk Yoga to Improve Your Posture’.

Per Chris Guillebeau, author of ”The $100 Startup” - ‘I’m a pretty low-tech guy when it comes to yoga, but I appreciate THE ZEN GUY’S  Airplane Yoga app’.


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Office Yoga is designed to give your tense, tired muscles immediate relief which means you'll feel refreshed, more relaxed and receive a much-needed boost.

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