YOGA INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUSY corporate types and entrepreneurs who work in cubes, offices and travel on airplanes. The Zen Guy offers basic yoga postures and breathing techniques to decompress and be more productive during the workday.

The Zen Guy offers Individuals and Seattle-based Companies & Hotels:


LIVE YOGA INSTRUCTION at Companies & Hotels in Seattle ($125 for each 30 minute class-up to 30 persons) 

LIVE YOGA INSTRUCTION for Individuals (Private Classes) in Seattle Yoga studio ($80 per 50-minute class)

Tips to chill at the office can be found here: TZG Cube Tips 


A Corporate Yoga Wellness Program has Employee & Employer Benefits:

  • Relaxed, happy, and energized employees
  • Simple, Accessible way for All employees to reduce stress when they need it the most…at work
  • Yoga stretches during the day can enhance productivity
  • Convenient: Employees stay on the premise
  • Yoga at the Office is greatly appreciated by employees. In 2012, 20.4 million Americans (8.7%) did yoga.
  • Easy affordable way for companies to boost overall employee wellness
  • Cost effective (2 yoga classes/week for 1 month = $1,240 per month or 1 class/week for 1 month = $620)
  • No special equipment needed, just reserve a conference room with enough chairs for everyone

A Hotel Yoga Program has Guest & Hotel Loyalty Benefits:

  • Stand out from your competitors with live yoga classes
  • Guests are willing to pay a premium to stay at a hotel that offers live yoga classes
  • Business travelers are looking for ways to energize each morning
  • Yoga guests are also apt to register for profitable spa services
  • Are you reaching the out to the 20.4 million Americans (8.7%) who did yoga in 2012?
  • No special equipment needed, just reserve a banquet or conference room with enough chairs for all guests


Featured in FANTASTIC MAN, a European Men’s Fashion Magazine  ‘ZEN Journeys with an APP’

Featured in The Huffington Post ’10 Yoga Apps For Stress Outside the Studio‘.

Featured in the ‘Desk Yoga to Improve Your Posture’.

Per Chris Guillebeau, author of ”The $100 Startup” - ‘I’m a pretty low-tech guy when it comes to yoga, but I appreciate this Airplane Yoga iPhone app’.

All live yoga classes in Seattle are taught by Yoga Alliance RYT certified teachers.

Regardless of the format you choose, a live class or an e-Book or App, The Zen Guy yoga instructions were designed by Michael Huffman, a yoga teacher who also happens to still work in a cubicle.

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